Ubhubhubhu Helinus integrifolius – Dream herbs

Ubhubhubhu Helinus integrifolius – Dream herbs





The packaging contains 10 grams of dried, shredded Ubhubhubhu twigs.

Effects of Ubhubhubhu

In traditional healing arts of South African peoples like the Xhosa, Zulu, and Sotho, Ubhubhubhu is used as oneirogen. In other words, it’s a dream-stimulating plant. Ubhubhubhu aids in dreaming vividly, helps remembering dreams and also is supposed to benefit lucid dreams – dreams in which your consciousness is ‘awake’ and you can control what happens.

Use of Ubhubhubhu

In South Africa, Ubhubhubhu is mainly drank as a solution in cold water. If you forcefully stir a glass of water with dried Ubhubhubhu, the water will eventually begin to foam at the edge. This is caused by Ubhubhubhu’s high saponin content. Saponin is a substance causing bubbles and foam as it is dissolved in water. The Ubhubhubhu drink is ready for consumption as soon as this layer of foam is visible on the water surface.

You could try using Ubhubhubhu in a vaporizer or for brewing a tea. It’s also possible to make an extract by having it boil in water for an extended period of time. These methods have not been attempted very often yet as far as we know. Ubhubhubhu has not been subject to much scientific research, either. For this reason, little is known about its active agents. We are very curious to hear about your experiences!


Ubhubhubhu (Helinus integrifolius) belongs to the buckthorn family (Rhamnaceae) and is originally found in South Africa. Ubhubhubhu is the Zulu name for the plant. The Xhosa people refer to it as Ityolo and it’s called Seepbos or Seepbossie in Afrikaans. This Afrikaanse name is derived from the soap-like foam that results from dissolving Ubhubhubhu in water – Seepbossie literally means soap bush.

In the traditional healing arts of South African peoples, Ubhubhubhu is an important plant for sangoma doctors. Along with plants like Lesoko and Umagupu, Ubhubhubhu is used by these sangoma to make Ubulawu. Ubulawu is a medicine that helps people to interpret their dreams and communicate with their ancestors. Ubulawu is also used for divination and prophecy.


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