Ololiuqui | Rivea Corymbosa – Seeds of the Gods

Ololiuqui | Rivea Corymbosa – Seeds of the Gods





Contains 20 Ololiuqui seeds. In hermetically sealed packaging.

Effects of Ololiuqui

The seeds of the Mexican Ololiuqui plant (Rivea Corymbosa) work as an hallucinogen, similar to magic mushrooms and peyote, although they usually don’t invoke immediate hallucinations. The effects of these seeds are more similar to morning glory seeds: they bring you in a hypnotic, euphoric, dreamlike state with visions.

The active agent in Ololiuqui is LSA, which is comparable in effects to the semi-synthetic LSD.

An Ololiuqui trip usually takes 10-14 hours, depending on the dosage.

Use of Ololiuqui

Most people use Ololiuqui by eating it. To do this, you first need to finely chop the seeds and seep them for a while in distilled hot water (tap water could break off the active agent LSA). Afterwards, you can drink it. It’s recommended to chew the seeds while doing so. The seeds taste very bitter and cause intense nausea for many people, often resulting in vomiting. After a few hours, this nausea starts to fade and the trip begins. At first, you might feel languid or listless. This feeling gradually disappears as you start to relax and feel euphoric. Then you start seeing visions.

Opinions are divided on the appropriate dosage. The Aztecs used approximately 14 to 22 seeds for one trip, but many people indicate you need at least 60-100 seeds for an intense trip. The seeds are about twice as potent as morning glory seeds

Cultivating Ololiuqui

Ololiuqui is a climber of the morning glory family Convolvulacea, meaning it is related to the morning glory vine. Ololiuqui grows very quickly and is often kept as an ornamental plant due to its beautiful white flowers. Ololiuqui is an annual plant that you can keep inside, on your balcony or in your garden. Because it grows so quickly, you need to provide some support for the plant to climb up against: wire or nettings work well.

For the seeds to sprout, you need to provide warm, humid circumstances. Stretching some plastic kitchen foil around the pot will help the seeds to sprout quickly

Ololiuqui needs as much light as possible. Under the right circumstances, this climber can grow very tall. For this reason, it’s advisable to use a deep pot with plenty of space for the roots to develop. Because the plant is such a quick grower, it needs plenty of water, especially when you keep the Ololiuqui in direct sunlight – in summer, you can water it 2-3 times a day. Every day, new flowers will blossom, and these will wilt again in a few hours time. After blossoming, the plant dies.

The seeds carried by the Ololiuqui flowers can be stored for a long time. Make sure to store them in a cool, dry, and dark place.


  • Consuming Ololiuqui seeds causes intense nausea the first few hours after consumption.
  • Use is not recommended for people suffering psychoses, depression or anxiety.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women are also recommended to refrain from using Ololiuqui.

Don’t take part in traffic while tripping. Previous experience with experiental, hallucinatory drugs is advisable.


The climber plant Ololiuqui hails from Latin America, approximately from Mexico to the north of Peru. The name Ololiuqui refers to the seeds itself and literally means ‘round thing’ in Nahuatl, the language of the indigenous peoples of Mexico. They call the plant that sprouts from these seeds Coaxihuitl or ‘snake plant’.

In Mexico in the time of the Aztecs, Ololiuqui was the most commonly used hallucinatory drug. Ololiuqui was used in rituals to communicate with the gods and predict the future using the visions Ololiuqui induces. The seeds were also traditionally used as a medicine, for instance to alleviate pain, treat venereal diseases and remedy tumors. The Aztecs believed that Ololiuqui seeds contained divine powers and could perform miracles..


Herbs of the Gods has been collecting high quality herbs since 1999. With Seeds of the Gods, they’re presenting a selection of seeds with psychoactive properties from all corners of the world. With these seeds, some soil, and a bit of love and patience, you’ll be able to cultivate your own psychedelic garden! But don’t worry: if you haven’t got that much time or patience, some of the selected seeds are ready for consumption without requiring your green fingers.


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