Mushroom Microdose Capsules (Wonders)


Mushroom Microdose Capsules by Wonders comes in 3 different effects of your liking, Immunity (300mg), Sensuality (300mg) and Creativity (600mg).

Each bottle contains 60 capsules


Mushroom Microdose Capsules

Mushroom Microdose Capsules. The intention of microdosing also differs from that of normal psychedelic or hallucinogenic substance taking. Many people use psychedelics at higher doses for self-exploration, recreation, or spiritual purposes. On the other hand, microdosers tend to take these doses to improve their well-being or enhance their emotional or mental state.

At these low levels, many people do not notice the effects in the same as a person would notice a psychedelic trip. Many say that the feeling has no relation to a psychedelic experience.

Proponents of microdosing claim that taking these psychedelics in small, measured doses benefits the mind, making them think more clearly or feel more open throughout the day.


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