Mukanya Kude | Acacia Xanthophloea – Dream herbs

Mukanya Kude | Acacia Xanthophloea – Dream herbs





The packaging contains 10 grams of dried Mukanya Kude bark.

Effects of Mukanya Kude

The Zulu people of South Africa use the bark of Mukanya Kude as an eneirogen. In other words, it’s a dream-stimulating plant. Mukanya Kude renders dreams clear and vivid and also aids in remembering them better. According to the Zulu’s the bark stimulates the occurrence of lucid dreams – dreams in which your consciousness is ‘awake’ and you can control what happens. For the Zulu, these lucid dreams serve to predict the future. Traditional sangoma doctors use the bark of Makunya Kude to induce visions from their ancestors in the afterlife.

Use of Mukanya Kude

The most common way of using Mukanya Kude is by using it to brew a tea. Use approximately 1 teaspoon of the shredded bark for 1 cup of hot tea. Drink the tea an hour before going to bed.

You could also try using Mukanya Kude in a vaporizer. It’s also possible to make an extract by having it boil in water for an extended period of time. These methods have not been attempted very often yet as far as we know. Mukanya Kude has not been subject to much scientific research, either. For this reason, little is known about its active agents. We are very curious to hear about your experiences!


The Mukanya Kude tree (Acacia Xanthophloea) is a tree beloning to the legume family Fabaceae. The name Xanthophloea refers to the yellow color of the bark of the tree. This bark is quite unusual: Mukanya Kude is one of the few trees that has photosynthesis occur in its bark.

Mukanya Kude is principally found in marshy areas of South and East Africa. In common parlance Mukanya Kude is sometimes referred to as Fever Tree. European colonists believed that this tree caused malaria, because many of them caught malaria in the swamps where it grew in such abundance. Of course, it soon turned out that these humid marshes are also a favorite spot of the infamous malaria mosquito…

In the traditional healing arts of South African peoples, Mukanya Kude is an important plant for sangoma doctors. Along with plants like Lesoko and Umagupu, Mukanya Kude is used by these sangoma to make Ubulawu. Ubulawu is a medicine that helps people to interpret their dreams and communicate with their ancestors. Ubulawu is also used for divination and prophecy.


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