Cebil | Anadenanthera Colubrina – Seeds of the Gods

Cebil | Anadenanthera Colubrina – Seeds of the Gods





Contains 10 grams Cebil seeds. In hermetically sealed packaging.

Effects of Cebil

The seeds of the tree Anadenanthera Colubrina, also called Cebil or Vilca, contain the entheogenic substances bufotenin and DMT. Use of Cebil causes the heart rate to rise and gives tingling sensations. A huge weight appears to be pressing onto your body. Then you start to hallucinate: black and white colours, geometrical shapes and melting or dripping objects.

The effects of Cebil sometimes get compared to the effects of his big brother Yopo (Anadenanthera Peregrina) and with DMT and LSD, but the experience Cebil gives tends to be less intense and lasts a shorter time.

Use of Cebil

Once heated and dried (for instance by toasting them), Cebil can be smoked, chewed or sniffed (as a powder). You can also use Cebil to brew tea.

To toast Cebil seeds, heat a frying pan on medium heat and slowly toast the seeds until you hear them pop. Don’t overheat the seeds, because this might cause the active agents to lose their potency! As soon as the seeds start to pop, remove them from the pan and use a pestle and mortar to grind them into a fine powder. If the seeds haven’t dried enough, you’ll end up not with a powder but with a sticky paste that’s unfit for consumption.

The toasted, powderized Cebil seeds can be sniffed. To achieve intense hallucinations, you’ll need approximately 1 gram of powder, but if it’s your first time using Cebil we recommend a dose of 200-500mg. If you have little or no experience with shamanistic psychoactive substances, it’s probably best to try a lower dose as well. Be mindful that many people experience sniffing Cebil as very painful!

Cultivating Cebil

The tree Anadenanthera Colubrina is native to South America. Cebil has a black, thorny stem and fernlike leaves. They grow between 5 and 20 meters tall. The three drops pods containing seeds from September to July.

To cultivate your own Cebil tree, first soak the seeds for 24 hours in sterile water. Then sew the seeds in a mixture of perlite in sand, around 1cm deep. Make sure the mixture is moist, but not wet. The room temperature needs to be at least 22ºC for the seeds to sprout. Make sure the pot gets plenty of light. Slowly let the seeds get accustomed to drier circumstances and ensure good ventilation to prevent mold from developing.

History of Cebil

In South America, indigenous peoples have been making use of the entheogenic substance in Cebil seeds for hundreds of years. Just like Yopo (from the related tree Anadenanthera Peregrina) and the drink Ayahuasca, Cebil features in shamanistic rituals. Cibil also serves as a component of chicha, a fermented drink with hallucinatory properties. The hallucinations caused by Cebil are sometimes used to predict the future. In some places, Cebil is known as Vilca, which in Quechua languages means ‘sacred’.


Herbs of the Gods has been collecting high quality herbs since 1999. With Seeds of the Gods, they’re presenting a selection of seeds with psychoactive properties from all corners of the world. With these seeds, some soil, and a bit of love and patience, you’ll be able to cultivate your own psychedelic garden! But don’t worry: if you haven’t got that much time or patience, some of the selected seeds are ready for consumption without requiring your green fingers.


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