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Growing your own mushrooms is, in the long term, definitely the most affordable option. A psilocybin spore syringe which, if you’re in the United States you can legally order in all states but California, Idaho, and Georgia, only costs around $10 or $15 and can yield wayyyy more shrooms than you could possibly consume for yourself, your friends and your family. But not everyone wants to do that. And since psychedelic mushroom dispensaries are unlikely to become reality—at least in the mainstream—anytime soon, plenty of people will skip the forage and grow options and simply buy them from someone else. So it makes sense that this cohort would want to know what a reasonable price is to pay for a magic mushroom dose—as well as understanding what’s considered a “dose” of psychedelic mushrooms, and figuring out where to actually buy them without running afoul of the law.

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If you’re new to psychedelics, it’s recommended that you begin with just 1 gram of magic mushrooms for a gentle first experience. An eighth of an ounce is considered the standard dosage for the full psychedelic experience, and the cost of an eighth typically ranges from $20 to $40.

Keep in mind that the price of magic mushrooms fluctuates based on supply and demand. So while $25 to $40 for an eighth, $100 for a half an ounce, and $200 for an ounce are a good ballpark estimate to begin with, it all depends on where you live and whether you’re purchasing them directly from the source. Sellers will typically mark up products that they’re distributing for growers. Given the legal risk that growers and sellers take, marking up the cost is understandable, but know that the closer you are to the actual grower, the less likely you are to incur “finders’ fees.”

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Because demand outweighs supply, he sells an ounce of his mushrooms for $200, and a standard dose for one trip—an eighth of an ounce—for $30. The cultivator acknowledged that his prices might be on the higher side, but we also felt his product was worth it. (Another key point to consider: Like anything else you are going to put into your body, the cheapest deal may not be ideal in terms of quality. If a cultivator’s product comes highly recommended and costs a bit more, you may be getting what you pay for.

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