Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms Review

Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms Review

Doctor M’s “Through the Looking Glass”

Our good friend and colleague Doctor M (PhD in microbiology) recently took a sabbatical and sampled, reviewed, and enjoyed a variety of our magic mushroom strains. Today he reviews: Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms

Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom Summary:

  • Definitely not for novices
  • A very strong teacher
  • Good for experienced psychonaughts

Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom Qualities:

  • Onset: Slow
  • Duration: Typical
  • Intensity: Very High

Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom Review

This voyage can include very strong experiences and deep revelations.

Comes on typically in 30 minutes and has a 6-8 hour duration. Starts with stomach pangs and few prismatic visions but also a very welcoming warmth.

Visual hallucinations increase and increase. Strong linear psychedelic geometric patterning overlaying everything can occur. Visual and mental revelations can even include seeing underlying “source code” attached to everything. Complete loss of ego occurs as one watches. Expect a sense of higher power or unity with the universe.

After Effects:

The participant can experience a very long lasting takeaway that everything is supposed to be as it is. A complete belonging in the universe for the viewer. Includes lasting anxiety relief, detachment from anger, and deep calm.