Penis Envy #6 Strain Magic Mushrooms Review

Penis Envy #6 Strain Magic Mushrooms Review

Doctor M’s “Through the Looking Glass”

Our good friend and colleague Doctor M (PhD in microbiology) recently took a sabbatical and sampled, reviewed, and enjoyed a variety of our magic mushroom strains. Today he reviews: Penis Envy #6 Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy #6 Magic Mushroom Summary:

  • Very good for recreational use
  • Enjoyable insights

Penis Envy #6 Magic Mushroom Qualities:

  • Onset: Typical
  • Duration: Typical
  • Intensity: Typical to High

Penis Envy #6 Magic Mushroom Review

A good mushroom for novices at lower doses and for psychonauts at higher doses

Typical fungi effects at the start.

Moderate physical and mental effects follow.  Then a a sense of connection occurs, beginning early and growing throughout the voyage.

Mild hallucinations only at even low dosages. Very strong and pleasant oneness with nature and the cosmos along with a definite loss of ego.

Self-discovery is a major component of this trip as you are revealed to yourself without guilt. Positives about yourself are pronounced, while shortcomings are shown with love and understanding. Traumas can seem smoothed and non-judgemental paths to improvement can be revealed as lessons.

After Effects:

Increased connection to nature can be intensely felt in the echo. Healing and self-improvement such as increased calm and self-love. Positive effects on personality traits and habits can be significant and lasting.